Friday, 28 July 2017

10 hidden home fire hazards to keep an eye on for safety

Accidents usually take place when people start ignoring and taking things too carelessly. According to the research, there are various fire incidents happened just because the people didn’t check their home fire security or they ignore some alerts that later on turn into fire hazards. There are various safety precautions people take for their home, fire rated doors manufacturers in Bangalore is another good option to consider.

Things to know that can be a reason for fire hazards:-

1. Old alarms 

Installations of fire alarms are important, but also do weekly or regular checkups as it can prevent most of the fire problems by detecting smoke or gas in the air. According to fire experts, fire alarms should be changed and updated every year, also the owner should check its battery life at its fixed period

2. Cigarettes 

Leaving cigarettes without extinguishing it properly can cause a fire or even it can burn your whole house. If someone smokes, it’s important to make sure that they smoke outside or far away from the home and also make sure that there are no flames left. 

3. Candles

Make sure that the candle holder you are using is stable and it places far away from  curtains or any other clothes. Don’t leave burning candles somewhere near machines or electrical stuff either, as it can catch fire easily. 

4. Dirty chimney

If you have the chimney, make sure you clean it at least once in a year, instead of doing this at your own it's better to consider professional, they can do that work better. Also, never leave your chimney when you see that the fire is still there.

5. Electric wires

Replace your old and broken electric wires as soon as you spot it. Also, make sure you check plug ins and other cords time to time and replace or change if it’s needed

6. No fire extinguisher

Nowadays, people are adopting fire doors; you can also consider fire rated doors manufacturers in Bangalore, where you can get the best deals. Apart from this, also use a fire extinguisher at your home. Make sure it’s safely installed somewhere safe and it can be easily located when it’s needed.

7.Leaving gas stove on

Never ever leave your gas stoves unattended, close it if your work is done. There are so many cases happen here the house was burned down or going to burn down because of the gas that was on.

8. Misplacing heaters

In winters, don’t leave your heaters near anywhere or anything, misplacing your heater can cause fire and also make sure that you check your heater condition before you use it.

9. Old dirt 

Clean your house daily especially the electric appliances like heaters, sockets and another thing. 

10. Dryers

When you use the dryer to dry off your clothes, make sure you off it after your work is done. There are some clothes which easily catch fire, so make sure you read the instruction carefully before you start using it. 

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